Junior Achievement K-12 Programs

K - JA Ourselves®

Uses compelling stories read aloud by the volunteer, along with hands-on activities, to demonstrate helping, working, earning, and saving.

1st - JA Our Families®

Emphasizes the roles people play in the local economy and engages students with activities about needs, wants, jobs, tools and skills, and interdependence.

2nd - Our Community®

Explores the interdependent roles of workers in a community, the work they perform, and how communities work.

3rd - JA Our City®

Studies careers, the skills people need to work in specific careers, and how businesses contribute to a city.

4th - JA Our Region®

Introduces the relationship between the natural, human, and capital resources found in different regions and explores regional businesses that produce goods and services for consumers.

5th - JA Our Nation®

Provides practical information about businesses’ need for individuals who can meet the demands of the job market. Introduces the concept of globalization as it relates to resources and careers, and the need for students to be entrepreneurial in their thinking to meeting the requirements of businesses worldwide.

Elementary Afterschool Program JA More Than Money™

Teaches students about earning, spending, sharing, and saving money, and businesses they can start or jobs they can perform to earn money. Six required, after-school, volunteer-led activities.

MS - JA Economics for Success™

This program explores personal finance and students’ education and career options based on their skills, interests, and values. It also demonstrates the economic benefits of staying in school. Six required, volunteer-led activities.

MS - JA Global Marketplace™

This program provides practical information about the global economy and its effect on students’ lives. Six required, volunteer-led activities.

MS - JA It's My Future™

This program provides practical information about preparing for the working world while still in middle school. Students will explore potential careers, discover how to plan for a job, and learn how to keep it through six required, volunteer-led activities.

Middle Grades Afterschool Program -JA It’s My Business!™

This program encompasses entrepreneurship curriculum for students in grades six, seven, and eight. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship while providing a strong focus on social studies, reading, and writing skills. Students are encouraged to use critical thinking to learn entrepreneurial skills that support positive attitudes as they explore and enhance their career aspirations. Six required, volunteer-led activities.

HS - JA Be Entrepreneurial

This program helps students develop the essential components of a business plan. JA Be Entrepreneurial challenges students to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school. Seven required volunteer led sessions. Many more resources are available online, including additional full-length sessions, business-plan podcasts, and On Your Own activities for students.

HS - JA Economics™

This program is a one-semester teacher taught course recommended for students in grades 11 and 12. The program examines the fundamental concepts of micro-, macro-, and international economics.

HS - JA Exploring Economics

This program through hands-on classroom activities, JA Exploring Economics fosters lifelong skills and knowledge about how an economy works, including micro-, macro-, personal, and international economics. Seven required, volunteer-led sessions.

HS - JA Titan™

This program introduces critical economics and management decisions through an interactive web-based simulation. Seven required, volunteer-led activities.

HS - JA Personal Finance

introduces students to the importance of making wise financial decisions. The program demonstrates the importance of planning, goal-setting, and thoughtful decision making within the context of personal decisions. Five JA Personal Finance lessons required.

HS - JA Career Success™

This program equips students with the tools and skills required to get and keep a job in high-growth career industries. Strong soft-skills, STEM careers and other high-growth industries are emphasized during the seven required, volunteer-led activities.

HS - JA Real Jobs, Real World

This program supports the Kentucky Department of Education's Career Cruising and ILP program by guiding students through the career searching process. Students will learn specifically about the 100 "hot jobs" that represent Kentucky's top workforce needs, while also understanding the importance of making good education and career choices.


The JA experience helps students better understand the importance of school as a means to becoming successful adults while challenging them to think about their own futures. Junior Achievement programs support and complement Common Core standards as well. Learn more about how JA correlates to state specific standards here.

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Junior Achievement uses hands-on experiences to help young people understand the economics of life. In partnership with businesses and educators, Junior Achievement brings the real world to students, opening their minds to their potential. The elementary school programs include six sequential themes for kindergarten through fifth-grade students. Students learn the basic concepts of business and economics and how education is relevant to the workplace. The six program themes also teach students that people assume roles as individuals, consumers, and workers in an expanding cultural environment that extends from the self and family to global relations.

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As high school students begin to position themselves for their future, there are many unanswered questions about what lies ahead. Junior Achievement's high school programs help students make informed, intelligent decisions about their future, while fostering skills that will be highly useful in the business world. With a range of different programs, Junior Achievement teaches about concepts from microeconomics and macroeconomics to free enterprise. The volunteers bring real-life business experience and guidance into the classroom at a time that represents an essential crossroads for young people.

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For more information on bringing Junior Achievement programs to your school, contact the JA office at (270) 782-0280